CASA Volunteer Instrumental as Siblings Realize Their Forever Families

CASA volunteer Libby began advocating for a sibling group of five children, already in foster care, and cared for by two separate caregivers. Prior to Libby’s appointment, the court had struggled with a lack of information concerning the current suitability of the placements and needed supports.

As a CASA volunteer, Libby gathered information specific to the children, assessed their current situations and sibling bonds, and reported to the court. Due to Libby’s comprehensive research and involvement, it was apparent that two of the children were at risk for further abuse. Libby recommended the children in danger be moved from their current placement. When two of the siblings began to display negative behavior, Libby recognized symptoms of their previous trauma and immediately sought appropriate services. Throughout the uncertainty and confusion, Libby remained focused on the children’s needs, safety, and sibling bonds.

Just over a year later, Libby was present to witness all five siblings get adopted by their kin caregivers and realize their forever families. When all hope seemed lost, Libby made the difference by motivating the family, children, and case managers who may have otherwise missed valuable information and the ability to find permanent homes for the siblings.
Libby states, “Children need to know they’re important and special and not be defined by their caregivers’ actions. They need to know they have a voice and will be heard.”